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We recommend Snipes in Democratic Primary

The Dallas Morning News, January 25, 2010 [abridged]

In 2006, we recommended Mike Snipes over incumbent Livia Liu in Criminal District Court No. 7 based on his superior experience and impressive military background. Since his election, the 55-year-old Snipes' portfolio has only grown stronger, and he deserves the Democratic nomination in the March 2 primary.

Our newspaper praised Snipes last year for stepping into tense budget negotiations with several good ideas for controlling costs. We're intrigued by his developing plans for a veterans court aimed at smart-on-crime intervention and rehabilitation.

The judge is willing to make tough, controversial calls, as evidenced in the high-profile case last summer involving a double-murder at a Garland music studio. Snipes believed a black juror had been unfairly eliminated from the jury by prosecutors, so he placed the man on the jury, which later delivered a death sentence. Snipes notes that his ruling means the jury's racial makeup will not be a factor in appeals.

Snipes is a tough-as-nails former federal prosecutor and a hard-working judge who deserves his party's support.