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The Dallas Morning News

Former Dallas lawyer Catherine Shelton gets probation for shoplifting

January 17, 2009

A disbarred Dallas defense lawyer with a long history of questionable ethical and criminal conduct including as a murder suspect was sentenced Friday to probation for shoplifting. Catherine Shelton, 60, pleaded guilty in exchange for three years' probation. She will serve a two-year prison sentence if she violates her probation, which will be moved to Harris County, where she lives. State District Judge Michael Snipes told Shelton that he felt sorry for her but that she had brought shame and discredit to the legal community.

"Mendacity, cunning and guile have been your moral compass," the judge told her as she stood before him after showing up to the hearing more than 30 minutes late. Shelton wore a tan trench coat and black loafers as she testified briefly in a soft voice. She asked that Snipes defer her sentence so she would not have a theft conviction if she completed her probation. Snipes denied her request.