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CCA Grants New Trial to Man Convicted of Murder Because of False Testimony

The Dallas Morning News, December 9, 2009

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that a Dallas County man should get a new trial because a witness against him gave false testimony. Dallas County prosecutors say they still believe Clay Chabot is guilty in the 1986 slaying of Galua Crosby and plan to try him again. He was originally convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The witness in the case, Gerald Pabst, told the jury that Chabot raped and killed Crosby. But DNA testing now shows Pabst raped Crosby. Pabst has since been convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors, who agreed Chabot should get a new trial, say that they believe Chabot also took part in Crosby's murder. State District Judge Mike Snipes recommended to the higher court that Chabot receive a new trial.